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Learn: Parasailing

Category: Sports

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Medium of instruction:English

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A parasail is a parachute that goes up! It is designed to be towed behind a boat or 4-wheel drive vehicle on a flat big ground. A parasail is flown on a wide long and motorable beaches or any vast open lands like dry lake bed, dry river beds etc. The passenger snaps into the parasail's comfortable harness, signals the driver of the tow vehicle, takes a few steps and soars into the air! Depending on the length of the tow rope, your parasail can carry you hundreds of feet into the sky. Parasailing is a sport for people from all walks of life. You don't need any prior training to fly in a parasail. The crew on the ground is controlling your parasail. Since there are no controls to be handled in flight, the flyer is free to enjoy his/her solo flight.
Parasailing Joyrides
Parasailing Joyrides is one of the fastest growing sports in the nation. Although recreational parasails have been around for more than 30 years, more efficient modern designs has made it simpler than taking a joyride in a roller coaster. If you have never flown, the freedom of flight awaits you.
The joyride is breathtaking and thoroughly enjoyable. Landings are easy: the tow vehicle slows down and the rider is gently lowered to earth. Our team has given over 4500 flights and also have experience of Paramotoring and Paragliding. You are in safe hands. We can arrange group joyrides anywhere in this country, provided if you can provide us with unobstructed flat ground of 400meters or wide long and motorable beaches are the best to do Parasailing.
Parasailing Training
We conduct two days Parasailing Courses for the individual for those who wish to establish Parasailing Clubs anywhere in this country.
At the end of the course we issue Certificate to the successful student.
Requirement For Opening Up of a Parasailing Club

  1. A Complete kit of Parasail consisting of the following:

  • One Parasail Chute

  • One Harness

  • One Rope

  • One Yoke

  • A pair of Radios for two way communication

  • Carribiners

  1. One open Gypsy/Jeep for towing the parasail.

  2. A well qualified team of six members. Among these six, one should be a good driver of Gypsy/Jeep.

  3. A flat ground double the seize of football ground, dry river beds, dry lakes, sea beaches with wide long and motorable are the best to do Parasailing.

  4. No obstructions of cable and electrical lines over the ground.

Once you are qualified on the Parasailing operations and all the necessary items for running the club is in place then you can get your club registered with the local authority. (You may discuss this issue with our Chief Instructor).
Before establishing the Parasailing club, you may get the feasibility of the operational area done. You may request our Chief Instructor or Flying Coordinator to visit and inspect your flying site for its suitability of safe operation for a nominal fees.

Course Schedule & Price
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Not Specified Not Specified All Venues Not Specified Price On Request

Venues (Locations)
Pune, Hadapsar (Head Office):- Tupe Nagar, Opposite Suzlon Head Office, Malwadi Hadapsar, Pune - 411028, Maharashtra, India

About Course Provider

Wings and Flights- Institute of Paramotoring & Paragliding

From time immemorial, as watching that light blue, filled with clouds mystery called the sky, man has been dreaming of flying, of being as free as a bird, unrestricted in his motions and feelings.

The touch with the air and the scenery around have always attracted man's mind. Man had one more "chance" to learn how to fly. It was his passion for great height. " Paragliding has evolved into a wonderful flying sport all over the world.The convenience and simplicity of Paragliding is unimaginable. It is now possible for a common man to experience the thrill of flying. This sport has international recognition.

Past 17 years we have been promoting this sport. We have evolved wonderful techniques and methods of training. We have also gathered substantial knowledge and expertise on advanced flying techniques, be it local soaring, ridge soaring, thermalling, cross country flying, paramotoring, aerial photography / advertising, joyrides etc.

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