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Diploma in Dance (Kathak / Bharatanatyam)

Vaibhav Arekar

by Vaibhav Arekar

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Learn: Kathak | Bharatanatyam

Category: Diploma in Dance | Classical Dance

Basic Details

Post Tenth Standard Diploma for women

Medium of instruction:English
Overview, Content & Syllabus

Founded on December 1, 2003, Lasya Centre for Dance Education and Research introduced for the first time in Mumbai a three year Diploma in Dance [Kathak and Bharatanatyam] affiliated to the SNDT Women's University under the Dept. of Continuing and Adult Education and Extension Work.

Education in Indian Dance should include practice, aesthetics, study of allied arts and the discovery of the individual’s creative potential. Hence these courses provide the learner knowledge and skills, which are essential to obtain a well grounded and contextual understanding and performance of Classical Dance. These courses are uniquely designed with classes conducted in the evenings, catering to students pursuing other educational streams as well as working women.


Vaibhav believes that teaching classical Indian dance is a one-to-one process. The Guru-shishya parampara is still prevalent in classical dance. Hence, beyond the purview of an academic course too, he gains immense satisfaction in training and guiding dance students and professional dancers.

Vaibhav’s inspiring teaching is credited to his knowledge gained through classroom instructions at Nalanda Nritya Kala Mahavidyalaya, numerous on-stage performances in India and abroad, traditional and experimental choreographies and dance administration at Lasya.

Certificare Course

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Course Schedule & Price
Classroom - Regular
When Duration Where Remarks Price
Not Specified 3 Years
All Venues Not Specified Price On Request

Venues (Locations)
Mumbai, Kandivali West (Head Office):- Kartikey, B/104, Plot 16, Sector 8 Charkop, Kandivali West, Mumbai - 400 067, Maharashtra, India

About Course Provider

Vaibhav Arekar

Vaibhav Arekar belongs to the new generation of intense dance artists, whose art and life is guided by the vision of promoting, producing and projecting Indian classical dance as a contemporaneous art. Utmost dedication and dynamism is imbued in his profile as a dancer, teacher, choreographer, producer, actor, educationist and an administrator.

Guiding Light

Life misguided is often ruined. Forever indebted I am to my Gurus who showed me the right path

Vaibhav received strong foundation in Bharatanatyam under Smt. Saroja Srinath. This was further strengthened with his Bachelor’s degree at Nalanda Nritya Kala Mahavidyalaya, (established by Dr. Kanak Rele) affiliated to University of Mumbai. During his Master’s degree and later Vaibhav perfected his dance technique under the guidance of Smt. Tangamani Nagarajan.

Having received Distinction with First Class at the Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Vaibhav came under the tutelage of his mentor Dr. Kanak Rele from whom he received advanced training in abhinaya and performance technique.

A holistic approach to dance and the basics of Kathak received from Smt Rajashree Shirke has further defined Vaibhav’s dance. He has also undertaken extensive theatre training under Shri Chetan Datar.

Dance Performances

I dance … experience that romance of movement-….to reach the pinnacle of intoxication where realisation fails me, if I am dancing or dance is moving me

An intense yet a calm approach along with a strong masculine style marks Vaibhav’s Bharatanatyam.

He has performed at some prestigious venues and Festivals viz. Khajuraho, SNA’s Nritya-Sangam, Kala Ghoda Festival, Prithvi Theatre 25th anniversary Festival, Modhera Festival, Natyarangam Fest, Chennai, Yajnaraman Festival-Chennai, Urja-Masters in Making, Agra Mahotsav, NSD Bharata Rangotsav etc.

As a leading dancer of the Nalanda troupe, he has performed across India and abroad. Dr. Kanak Rele’s dance productions like Santavani, Shilappadikaram, Kalyani, Kanchan Mrig, Svapna Vasavadatta, Prateek have featured Vaibhav as the male lead.

Audio-Visual Perfomances

Vaibhav is prominently featured in dance-video’s produced by Nalanda such as ‘Learning Bharat Natyam’, ‘Nritya Bodh I & II’, ‘Nritya Bharati – an internationally acclaimed dance film’. Vaibhav has himself produced, choreographed and performed in ‘Nritya Prabha’.

His first DVD, ‘Narmada’ was released on August 27, 2009 in Chennai.

Foreign Tours

Vaibhav’s dancing has taken him to U.S.A., Canada, Singapore, North Korea, Hong Kong, Poland, Hungary, Germany and France.


Why choreograph?..... Is it the lure of stage?….. or to re-experience life?..... otherwise the heady mix of truth and fantasy......hmmmm…. well, honestly it’s an inner calling.

Impressions and experiences from wide avenue of performances along with his creative impulse have deeply influenced his choreographic works. At Lasya he has danced in different ventures which were traditional, abstract and experimental -in form as well as in content.

His traditional dance works include Samyak (1993), Bhakti Bhava (1994), Naachu Keertanache Rangee (1997) - a highly acclaimed work, Damayanti Swayamvara (1998), Rukmini Svayamvara (1999), Ritu Shringar (2000) and Ritu Vilasa (2004). Manush Biradari (2002) , Mukti (2004), Akkamahadevi (2004). Shiva- facets of HIM (2007) and Narmade Hara Hara- (2008) have received critical accolades.

A fruitful collaboration of Rajashree Shirke and Chetan Datar along with Vaibhav created the genre of Range Nritya (theatre – dance), a meaningful and symbiotic presentation of spoken words and dance – body movements. Shyam Sakhi (1999), Dvanda (2000), Mata-Hidimba (2002), a black humour play Haravlele Pratibimba (2004) and Katha Collage- Ek Yathaartha (2008) are Ranga-nritya endeavours.

Dance Training

In this journey of Art, I believe, it’s an opportunity bestowed on me to guide my co-travelers on the right path

Learning arts, then be it performing or plastic, is a one-to-one process. In India Guru-shishya parampara has always been a vital to all the performing arts. Hence, beyond the purview of an academic course too, Vaibhav gains immense satisfaction in training and guiding dance students and professional dancers. Vaibhav also conducts residency programme for outstation students who seek his guidance.

Please view the ‘Pathfinder’ section for more details.

Recognition & Reviews

The journey on un-trodden paths makes life meaningful

Select Reviews & Comments

Vaibhav Arekar captured the spirit of the Narmada through telling metaphor. A strong dancer whose Bharatanatyam movements have an amplitude and largeness, Vaibhav with his theatre background is very expressive.
Leela Venkataraman, The Hindu, Chennai.

Arekar casts a spell. Vaibhav revealed immense virtuosity in delineating a rere Swathi Tirunal composition. He almost enacted a one-man ballet. The impact was there for everyone to see.
Subbudu,The Sunday Statesman, Delhi

The audience went away with something equally rich – an impeccable presentation of Bharata Natyam, danced to expressive classical music, accompanied by evocative narration! At the tail end, they were even prodded into sparing a thought for today’s dammed up Narmada.
Shanta Gokhale, Mumbai Mirror

I was spellbound by “Narmade Har Har”. Fantastic dancing, superb energy and distinct choreography. _ Jhelum Paranjape

Mukti” is absolutely engaging and evocative. The intensity of dance reminded me of Kelu Babu’s ‘Kevat’.
Daksha Mashruwala

Cultural Recognition

Awarded the Junior Research Fellowship by University Grants Commission- New Delhi, Vaibhav is the recipient of Govt. of India Scholarship for young dancers and Shri Nageshwarao scholarship from University of Mumbai for standing first in the faculty of Fine Arts for the Bachelor’s Degree.

Vaibhav has been awarded ‘Singar Mani’ by Sur Singar Samsad (1992) and has been nominated for Pandit Jasraj Awards for Excellence in Dance (1998). Vaibhav’s choreography for ‘Sangeet Giribala’ was nominated for the Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards(2007).

YATRA: International Dance Day Festival

Vaibhav has co-founded in 2002 an annual national dance festival- YATRA which is a genuine effort to bring together various dance styles, voices, visions of innovative choreographers to celebrate the eternal relation between the artiste and the art.

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